Opening day, hunters scope deer

Nate Bottiger, Staff Writer

So far this season, it seems that good weather conditions have provided a good environment for Pitt-Johnstown who look forward to deer season’s first week.

Senior Brian Gindlesperger said he has been enjoying this season so far, and he likes that he does not have to skip any classes to go hunting.

Gindlesperger said he doesn’t have classes on Mondays or Fridays, giving him an extended weekend with plenty of time in the woods.

Gindlesperger grew up in the Johnstown area, and, since he was 12 years old he said he has not hunted in any other area.

“My dad started taking me out hunting when I was 8, but I’ve had a gun in my hands since I can remember.”

Gindlesperger said he has not gotten a deer yet this season, but did have some success when he got a turkey during its season.

Senior Ryan Stough said he has been hunting since he was 8 and hunts on his family’s property in Seven Valleys, York County, where he has bagged two doe and a buck.

“I have gotten 2 doe — 1 in archery, and 1 with my flintlock. I also shot a seven-point buck during rifle season. ”

Stough used both of his doe tags this season, but said that his family is permitted an extra doe tag for crop damages on his family’s property.

\Stough said he has hunted in Seven Valleys all of his life.

From the times that he has been out hunting in the Johnstown area, Stough said he did not see any deer, which is why he sticks to hunting on his family’s land.

Sophomore Brooke Kennedy said she had a successful hunting trip in Martinsburg, Blair County, last Thursday when she shot her first doe of the season. She said her whole family is involved in hunting.

“I took one shot at the doe and she dropped.”

Kennedy said her family even has a shop in their basement to butcher their earnings.

Although this is only her first deer of the season, Kennedy used her only doe tag to do so.  Kennedy hopes to finish this season off strong by shooting a buck. Her goal is to not waste a single tag.