Lacrosse gets new name

Brandon Zeris, Copy Editor

Pitt-Johnstown’s lacrosse team is looking to update their appearance with a new team name, new uniforms and a new logo.

Sophomore goalie Tyler Burns said the new team name is needed.

“We want to get our name out and grow the club. A new name will do that,” he said.

Lacrosse team treasurer Matt Ziance said there was never an official team name, but now they will be called the “LAX Cats.”

“We never had a real name. When we huddled before one of our games, I just said it, ‘1, 2, 3, LAX Cats.’ It just kind of stuck.”

He said the new name is to be used with the new uniforms, along with a new logo.

“We are using the old style ‘Pitt’ script with ‘Johnstown’ right under it.”

Burns said the new uniforms are to be fully sublimated, meaning the ink is burned into the material’s fibers instead of printed on top of the material.

“The jersey is blue and it fades into gold with the-old school Pitt script logo on it. The pants are a diamond-patterned blue with logos.”

Burns also said the uniforms will have players’ last names and numbers on them.

Coach Alan Teich said he needs to wait to order the uniforms due to a potential legal issue.

“I have not ordered them yet. I need to do some research first and consult someone. I need to find the right way to use the Pitt logo.”

PittsburghPanthers. com, the University of Pittsburgh’s official athletic website, states that branch campuses can use Pitt logos but must follow some rules.

Branch campuses can use the Pitt logo as long as the branch campus name is included and neither block nor script font styles are used. The branch campus name must also be the same the same size font as the Pitt logo.

“This is a legal issue, and we don’t want to order the uniforms and find out that we can’t use them,” Teich said.

Burns said players need to pay $75 for their uniforms and players also have to work for the club.

“We’re going to do some fundraising and charity type stuff,” said Teich. “They can help out with those to pay their dues. I also want to raise money for veterans.”

Ziance said the team supporters are to have a way to support the team soon.

“We never really had a clothing order before and we will try to do that as a fundraiser,” he said.