Rain ruins seasons, moves practices

D.J. Shoffstall, Copy Editor

Soggy athletic fields have led to some sports activities being canceled and others moved to different locations.

Pitt-Johnstown’s men’s soccer coach Eric Kinsey said the soccer team, along with intramural soccer and football has been affected, but the rugby team was still allowed to play on the field.

“We had to move our practices into the gym for the last three weeks because the fields are unplayable, and our home games are at the Point Stadium now,” he said.

Junior forward Zeke Buchta said it’s been tough adjusting to the new venues in the middle of a season.

“At the beginning of the season we practiced and played our games on grass, now we practice on a hard gym floor with regular shoes and play our games on turf,” he said. “We rely a lot on small soccer games in practice, and in the gym we can’t go full speed.”

Kinsey said this is the first year in his 12 years of Pitt-Johnstown coaching that he had to move the soccer team into the gym for an extended period.

“It has been the worst season in terms of rain I have ever seen here, and that makes it a safety issue for the athletes who are on the field.”

He said rugby got to play on the field because they had one game left, and added that on Monday the fields were to be closed down for the winter.

Intramural soccer has also been moved into the university gym and the intramural football season was cut short.

According to the intramural football schedule, most teams had one regular season game left and a week of playoffs.

Intramural football player Andy Bernard said he doesn’t understand why other teams get to finish their season but intramural football doesn’t.

“I understand the conditions were bad, but we played in it for three weeks,” he said. “I don’t get why they couldn’t move us to somewhere else like they did intramural soccer.”

Kinsey said the season was canceled because there was nowhere else to play the games.

“The intramural football field is the only field that has adequate lighting for night games, and the whole intramural football season was played at night.”

He said physical plant director Dan Potchak deemed the fields unplayable.

Potchak could not be reached for comment.