Women’s basketball bench lacking players

Olivia Hutchinson, Sports Editor

The women’s basketball team returns to the court this season with a shorter roster than previous seasons.

Last season the team had 14 players.

The team has an 11-player roster this season with seven returning players.

Senior Katie McBroom said having a smaller team could be an advantage.

“We will be able to work together as a team and learn to play with each other quicker with only 11 people.”

Junior Maria Montini said the team isn’t concerned about the size of their roster.

“Well, compared with other teams we are small, but I think we have the quickness to make up for it,” said Montini.

The team was planning to have more freshmen on the roster before the start of the season.

“We were going to have a few more girls as walk-ons, but they decided not to come out for the team over the summer,” said Mc- Broom.

Freshman Kaitlynn Fratz said the team will have to work hard this season with the smaller roster, but the team has played well together during preseason and practice so far.

“We are similar players on the court,” said Fratz. “All the guards know to work the post players already and play a similar game.”

With a smaller number of players at practice, Montini said she believes the players will overcome any exhaustion.

“I don’t think the small team will affect the players tiring out faster,” said Montini. “I feel like we’re all pretty well-adjusted to the speed of the game.”

Fratz said there isn’t really a difference between the older players and the new players.

“There are four freshman, including myself, on the team and we can really help contribute to the team this season,” said Fratz.“I think we are faster compared to other teams.”

Freshman Kelsey Sleighter said the team will need to spend more time on the court together.

“We need to play together more,” said Sleighter. “Hopefully, it will give us more chemistry on and off the court.”

McBroom said having a small team is helpful off the court, too.

“I actually really enjoy having a small team, it was easier to get to know the freshmen this year.”

Sleighter said with coach Sasha Palmer, it doesn’t matter the number of players.

“It doesn’t matter how many of us there are. She will have us ready to play no matter what.”