His traveling wasn’t ruled a violation

Erin Fowler, Staff Writer

Sophomore basketball player Bill Luther played with professionals in Europe this summer. Coaches from colleges all over the eastern seaboard select the athletes that they want to represent the schools internationally.

California University of Pennsylvania basketball coach Bill Brown asked Luther to join an international team to play in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Brown attempted to recruit Luther when he was in high school to play at California University of Pennsylvania.

All of the athletes on the trip were strangers previous to the eight-day tour. They spent three days at California University of Pennsylvania at a mini-camp where they got to know each other and practice.

Luther said he did not have any particular favorite place from his European tour. “They were all unique.”

All the opponents were professional teams. The most challenging team, according to Luther, was the Netherlands national team.

“They were so strong and had played together for so long. They were the only team we lost to,” Luther said.

Luther said the most significant thing he took out of the trip was, “the experience I got from seeing other countries’ cultures and being able to play against great competition.”

Teammate Patrick Grubbs said Luther’s experience in Europe also benefitted the entire team.

“Luther playing against better and different competition has allowed him to let us know what other teams play like. I think he came back with better knowledge of the game and improved significantly. Bill is a really good player…with him getting better individually has helped our team improve as well.”

According to head coach Bob Rukavina, Luther is a particularly driven and determined player.

The UPJ men’s team’s first game is at the 2011 UPJ tip-off tournament Nov. 12.