Booster clubs provide for some sports teams

Nate Bottiger, Staff Writer

Pitt – Johnstown sports teams have to rely on school funding for their programs, but also seek other ways to boost their finances to pay for equipment and travel costs.

Sophomore Zach Baker said wrestling boosters contribute about the same amount as the school does, and it makes it possible for team members to buy warm-up clothing and running or wrestling shoes every year.

“We could be able to function without the boosters, but the boosters do make it possible to get some nice things every year, too.”

Senior Jessica Heidenthal said that the women’s volleyball team does not have a booster club, but the team would appreciate one.

“We all would obviously like to get more money, but I think we realize that there is only a certain amount of money allotted for athletics to be distributed to the teams.”

Heidenthal said she would like it if the school money was distributed equally among the teams, but that money does not really matter much when it comes to playing.

“Team chemistry is not something that can be bought; it is something that has to be developed.”

According to junior golfer Kevin McDonald, the golf team does not have a booster club, either, but organizes occasional fundraisers to pay for spring trips.

The team’s idea for this year’s fundraiser is a Good Samaritan Card. It is to cost $20 and provide a year of discounts to stores like Staples and Best Buy.

McDonald seemed excited about the new fundraising opportunity, but said a booster club would be better for the team financially.

“It would help because then coach (Patrick Greer) would not have to worry about any of the finances.”

McDonald said booster clubs may be hard to come by with the economy prohibiting people and businesses alike who could otherwise be possible contributors.

Athletic Director Pat Pecora and Assistant Athletic Director Amy Buxbaum could be reached for comment.