‘Fairy’ fans cast spell on Lady Cats’ victory

Olivia Hutchinson, Sports Editor

At the Sept. 14 home volleyball game, the UPJ Mountain Cats had an unexpected fan section come out and cheer them on to victory.

The fan section included freshman Dillon Troutman, who decided to dress in costume for the game.

“My friend Marco Antonio and I went to the Dollar Store before the game and decided to create matching outfits together,” said Troutman. “So, we became volleyball fairies.”

Freshman Katie Svetahor said the new fan section was a welcoming sight.

“It was great seeing the fans cheering us on in the stands,” said Svetahor. “It’s nice to see student involvement at school.”

Wrestling coach Pat Pecora said he was excited to see the students come to the game.

“This was one of the best fan sections we’ve had here at UPJ, and it was great to see the students come out and cheer the team on,” said Pecora. “We hope to continue to see more students come to the games.”

Troutman said he believes a fan section helps the team.

“I have some friends on the team and I plan on going to the rest of the home games this year,” said Troutman. “I really want to see more enthusiasm, more school spirit and for more students to come help cheer the team on.”

Pecora said he is encouraging student-athletes to support each other.

“This year, we want the teams to pick games to go to, in order to cheer each other on.”

Senior basketball player Patrick Grubbs, who was also in the fan section, said fans really help the team compete.

“It definitely can help the team win,” said Grubbs. “All athletes like when people are there to support them during their games.”

“I hope more students come out and show their school spirit, not just for one sport but for all UPJ athletic events.”

Assistant athletic director Amy Buxbaum said the athletes need to show their appreciation for the fans.

“I encourage the athletes to personally thank the fans when they see them, which will hopefully continue to encourage them to come out,” said Buxbaum.

The Lady Cats won their game against Mount Aloysius College 3-0.

Grubbs said he and his fellow basketball teammates plan to continue to go to the games.

“We love the volleyball team and hopefully we can get a bigger crowd so everyone will get rowdy with us at the games.”