Soccer injuries lead to a shorter bench

Olivia Hutchinson, Sports Editor

Pitt-Johnstown’s men’s soccer team kicked off their season with a 2-1 record despite losing four senior starters.

“The talent from the incoming freshmen is really impressive,” said senior Tyler Aldinger.

“The freshmen are getting a lot of playing time, which is a lot to ask because they are still getting used to the fast pace of a college game.”

Junior Marc Bucci said, with a long season ahead of them, the team needs every player to maintain a healthy condition with a short bench.

“We need be very well-conditioned so we don’t pick up more injuries as the season continues,” said Bucci.

Two players already have been injured.

“We just lost seniors Keegan Donovan and Freddy Wolfe to injuries in preseason,” said Aldinger.

“Our schedule is tough this season, including some games against a few top 25-ranked teams.”

This season, the team needs to rank in fourth place or higher in the conference in order to gain a home field advantage for playoffs.

“By gaining this advantage, it will hopefully help our team in winning the conference championship,” said junior Zeke Buchta.

Mountain Cats’ home field would allow to avoid long distance playoff bus traveling that affects the way they play.

“Being on the road takes a toll on us because we have to drive somewhere, as far as six hours away to get there, and then we have to drive back to Johnstown. If we win, we have to turn around and go back to West Virginia over the next few days.”