Feb. 5, 2020


Jan. 25

12:33 a.m.

Larkspur Lodge


A fire alarm was activated by aerosol spray.

11:35 a.m.

College Park Apartments


A fire alarm was activated by burning food.

Jan. 26

12:15 a.m.

Heather Lodge


Officers responded to a reported disturbance and found a non-student with a bleeding hand.

1:40 p.m.

Hemlock Hall


Officers conducted a welfare check on an intoxicated female.

Jan. 28

10:05 p.m.

Laurel Hall

Odor Investigation

Someone reported a marijuana odor. Officers responded but could not find the odor.

Jan. 29

9:15 a.m.

Biddle Hall

Information Report

Someone reported a bicycle in the hallway since the fall semester. The bike was placed in campus police storage.

3:21 p.m.

Hemlock Hall


Someone reported a marijuana odor. Two resident students admitted to smoking marijuana. Citations and judicial complaints were filed.

Jan. 31

2:14 p.m.

Other Campus Location


Officers assisted a student with lost keys.

5:18 p.m.

Buckhorn Lodge


Officers responded to a report of harassment.