Police Blotter: Nov. 30 – Dec. 7

Nov. 30

10:12 a.m.,

Hemlock Hall

Fire Alarm

Maintenance staff member changing a smoke detector activated fire alarm.

Dec. 1

2:12 a.m.,

Hickory Hall

Fire Alarm

Police were unable to determine cause of alarm activation.

10:50 p.m.,

Sports Center Parking Lots

Criminal Mischief

A car was keyed in one of the Sports Center parking lots.

11:27 a.m.,

Hemlock Hall

Fire Alarm

Police responded to a fire alarm. An e-cigarette reportedly caused the alarm.

Dec. 3

2:35 a.m.,

Sunset Lodge


Students were found in possession of Sheetz property.

1:33 a.m.,

Hawthorn Lodge

Disorderly Conduct

A judicial complaint was issued for a beer pong game.

Dec. 4

1:01 a.m.,

Firefox Lodge

Alcohol Violation

A judicial complaint was filed for marijuana odor and alcohol.

9:30 p.m.,

Hickory Hall


An investigation was conducted, and a citation was issued.

11 p.m.,

Hemlock Hall

Criminal Mischief

Vandalism occured in Sunset II. A judicial complaint was filed.

12:10 a.m.,

Briar Lodge

Alcohol Violation

An unregistered social event was found. A judicial complaint was filed.

Dec. 6

1 p.m.,

Maple Hall

Alcohol Violation

A report was recieved regarding a liquor law violation. The violator was referred for disciplinary action.

Dec. 7

7:57 a.m.,

University Drive

Traffic Violation

Police stopped a vehicle and issued a citation.