Police Blotter: Oct. 7 – 12

Oct. 7

10:13 a.m.,

Sports Center Parking Lots

Hit and Run

A parked vehicle was reportedly hit by another vehicle.

11:25 a.m.,

Blackington Hall

Panic Alarm

The alarm was accidentally activated.

12:33 p.m.,

Nature Trail

Drug Violation

Evidence of drug activity was found. No one was present.

Oct. 8

11:48 a.m.,

Hickory Hall

Fire Alarm

An alarm was activated by marijuana and cologne. A judicial complaint was filed.

11:25 p.m.,




Police reponded to a report of a nonstudent being assaulted earlier that day. An investigation is ongoing.

Oct. 9

12:04 a.m.,

Hemlock Hall

Assistance Request

Police advised that a reportedly ill person be sent to a hospital, but the individual refused transport.

1:08 a.m.,

Lower Townhouse Parking Lot



Police responded to a report of an alcohol violation. Citations were issued.

5:43 a.m.,

Krebs Hall

Criminal Mischief

Police found a construction fence pushed over.

Oct. 11

3:10 a.m.,

Hemlock Hall

Suspicious Person

Police responded to a report of a suspicous individual, who was found to be a resident of another residence hall.

Oct. 12

2:13 p.m.,

Krebs Hall

Hit and Run

Police responded to a report of a hit and run. An investigation is ongoing.

3:30 p.m.,




Police responded to a report of an unathorized individual in a residence attempting to remove items. An investigation is ongoing.

6:29 p.m.,

Sports Center

Fire Alarm

A child set off the alarm.