Police Blotter: Nov. 14 – 22

Nov. 14

3:35 a.m., Sunset Lodge


An individual was reported as being involved in a fight and being assaulted. A judicial complaint was filed.

3:35 p.m., Campus Police Station

Officer Request

An individual received and signed a no-contact order issued by Student Life employees.

Nov. 15

3:16 a.m., Living/Learning Center

Domestic Violence

A verbal altercation between a male and female was reported. Both were advised to call it a night; they complied. Judicial complaints were filed.

12:14 a.m.,



Officer Request

An individual reported seeing a black bear behind Timberline. Area  was checked with negative results.

7:20 p.m., Sports Center


Dumbbells were taken. Investigation is ongoing.

Nov. 17

9:02 a.m., Nursing and Health

Science Building

Traffic Violation

Officer saw a vehicle on a walkway. A verbal warning was given.

Nov. 20

8:03 a.m.,

Blackington Hall


A counterfeit bill being used on campus was reported. Investigation is ongoing.

Nov. 21

12:20 a.m.,

Highfield Avenue

Disorderly Conduct

An officer observed a male urinating by a vehicle. A citation was issued.

12:20 a.m.,

Larkspur Lodge


Drug paraphernalia and a small amount of marijuana were found in a commuter room. The owner was identified, and a citation was issued.

Nov. 22

2:30 a.m., Sports Center


Officers saw two individuals carrying a stop sign. Judicial complaints  were filed.