Police Blotter: Jan. 8 – 15

Jan. 8

9:05 a.m., Biddle


Suspicious Activity

An individual appeared to be a lost visitor. They were located and identified as a former alumnus.

Jan. 9

2 p.m.,

Blackington Hall

Officer Assist

Individual was unable to locate their vehicle on campus. Officers arrived as the individual found the vehicle.

4:01 p.m., Campus Location

Criminal Mischief

Report of vehicle damaged while parked on campus.

Jan. 11

2:42 p.m., Living and Learning Center


Odor investigation resulted due to a resident smoking a vapor pen in their room. Judicial complaint filed.

Jan. 13

7:51 a.m., Willow


Fire Alarm

Activated by an air freshener.

1:40 p.m., Biddle Hall

Officer Request

Report of drawings on a vehicle. Report filed.

8:44 p.m.,

Baseball Field

Suspicious Activity

A vehicle was reported in the baseball field area. Occupants were advised that the area is off limits to vehicles. Individuals departed campus.

Jan. 14

8:30 a.m., Student

Union Drive

Vehicle Assistance

Individual requested assistance starting a vehicle. Patrol officers complied.

12:36 p.m.,

Student Union Drive


Individual reported a stolen toolbox.

10:40 p.m.,

Hemlock Hall


A faint gasoline odor was reported. Odor dissipated quickly and could not be located. Housing employees were advised to monitor the building.

Jan. 15

9:04 p.m.,



Fire Alarm

Activated by burning food.