Police Blotter: Oct. 4-8

Oct. 4


3:05 p.m., Krebs


Disorderly Conduct


An item was stolen in the area. A citation and judicial complaint were field.


10:15 p.m., 

Hawthorn Lodge

Fire Alarm


Alarm activated by cleaning supplies.


Oct. 5


1:43 a.m., Hickory


Alcohol Violation


Individual was transported to Windber Hospital. A citation and judicial complaint were field.


3:41 a.m., 

Buckhorn Lodge



An assist was requested for a verbal disagreement between roommates. Housing staff is now handling the situation.


12:26 a.m., 

Hawthorne Lodge

Medical Transport


Individual transported to Conemaugh emergency room.

12:10 p.m., Living

and Learning 




Graffiti on various walls and doors were reported. Investigation is continuing.





Oct. 6


8 a.m., 

Campus Mall



The American and Pennsylvania flags were stolen.


8:07 p.m., 

Buckhorn Lodge

Traffic Violation


Officer observed a vehicle on sidewalk. He gave verbal warning to the vehicle’s driver.


Oct. 7


7:30 a.m., Biddle


Lost and Found


A bicycle was reported outside building for several days. It was placed in storage.


Oct. 8


8:52 p.m., Laurel


Fire Alarm


Activated by burning popcorn.


8:59 p.m., 

Larkspur Lodge

Fire Alarm


Activated by burning food.


10:19 p.m., 

Hemlock Hall



A marijuana odor was reported. Officers unable to detect odor. Area was monitored.