Police Blotter Sept. 26 – 29

Sept. 26


2:47 a.m., Living

And Learning 


Unwanted Person


An uninvited individual was reported in the residence. Both parties were advised to have no further contact. Judicial complaints were filed.


6:05 p.m., Summit


Alcohol Violation


Police officers were on foot patrol noticed several individuals carrying alcohol. Individuals were identified and the alcohol was confiscated.


9:23 p.m., Laurel




Controlled substance laws were violated at a reported party. Investigation was conducted and a small amount of marijuana was found. Citation and judicial complaints were filed.


10:05 p.m., 

Buckhorn Lodge

Sex Offense


Possible inappropriate conduct between a student and nonstudent was reported. Investigation continuing.


11:38 p.m., Briar


Intoxicated Person


A report was made of an alcohol violation. Individual was identified and released to a friend for the rest of the night. A judicial complaint was filed.


Sept. 27


1:30 p.m., 

Larkspur Lodge

Criminal Mischief


An individual reported several personal items being destroyed by another resident. Investigation was conducted and a judicial complaint was filed.


4:20 p.m., 





A loud gathering was reported. Officers advised those gathered to keep noise down and confiscated alcohol.


Sept. 28


12:48 a.m., Biddle




Two males assaulted each other. Judicial complaints were filed.


11:28 p.m., 

Larkspur Lodge

Animal Complaint


A bat outside the residence was reported. Grounds crew removed the bat.


Sept. 29


10:30 p.m., Oak 


Fire Alarm


A burning dishrag set off alarm. Someone accidently bumped a burner and a rag was found in a sink.