Police Blotter: August 7- 31

Aug. 7


6:49 p.m., Buckhorn Lodge



Officers were requested to respond due to individuals being disorderly and harassing others.


Aug. 20


2:37 p.m., Laurel Hall




A bag of biological hazardous matter was found in the lobby and was properly disguarded.


Aug. 22


6:42 p.m., Laurel Hall

Fire Alarm


An alarm was activated by an electronic cigarette. Residents were advised to not smoke inside the building.


Aug. 23


1:25 a.m., Briar Lodge

Intoxicated Person


A police officer observed an alcohol violation. A citation and a judicial complaint were filed.


9:11 p.m., Briar Lodge 



Police officers found an operator of a vehicle to be in possession of contraband. Charges and a judicial complaint were filed.



10 p.m., 

Hemlock Hall



A resident reported a marijuana odor. Odor could not be located, however an alcohol violation was found and a judicial complaint was filed.


Aug. 28


10:56 p.m., Living and Learning Center

Maintenance Issue


Maintenance workers were notified due to an overflowing toilet.


Aug. 29


4:45 p.m., 

Highfield Avenue

Hit and Run


An individual reported a parked vehicle being struck on campus. Report was filed.


Aug. 30


12:12 a.m., Briar Lodge

Disorderly Conduct


Report of an alcohol violation. Individual was identified. Citations and a judicial complaint was filed.


Aug. 31


12:15 a.m., 

Wilderness Townhouse

Alcohol Violation


Police officers on a foot patrol discovered a party outside. The party dispersed and a judicial complaint was filed.