November 8- November 12

Nov. 8


1:15 p.m., Laurel Hall 

Fire Alarm

An alarm was activated by a curlng iron.


1:35 p.m., Laurel Hall 


An individual reported that a stolen bicycle was placed in front of his door. The bicycle was seen for three days outside of the Student Union prior to the incident.


Nov. 9


3:30 p.m., Hemlock Hall

Terroristic Threats

A student’s parent reportedly made a harassing/threatening comment to another student. An investigation is continuing.


3:37 p.m., Sports Center

Request for Officer

An individual reported that his vehicle was missing from the parking lot. The individual called again to report his vehicle was found.


Nov. 10


11:30 a.m., Sports Center

Fire Alarm

The alarm was pulled by a small child.The alarm was reset.










3:26 p.m., Sports Center

Request for Officer

Officers received a request for a key to operate an elevator in the Sports Center. Patrol complied with the request.


3:40 p.m., Sports Center


An individual reported a duffle bag was stolen from the wrestling room during a cheerleading event.


Nov. 11


11:36 a.m., Blackington Hall


There was a report of a cigarette-butt container on fire. An officer dumped water on the container.

4:06 p.m., Physical Plant Building


A subpoena was served to an individual for a magistrate hearing.

7:31 p.m., Heather Lodge

Odor Investigation

There was a report of a marijuana odor. Patrols were unable to detect the odor origin. The area was monitored.

Nov. 12

9:19 p.m., Hickory Hall

Fire Alarm

The alarm was activated by burning popcorn.