Blotter: October 23- October 29

Oct. 23


12:58 a.m., Laurel Hall

Odor Investigation

Police received a report of a marijuana odor. Officers couldn’t find the source of the smell.


Oct. 25


11:02 a.m., Krebs Hall

Odor Investigation

There was a report of a diesel smell coming through the heating vents in Krebs. The smell was coming from a gas powered saw that a contractor was using outside.


11:24 p.m., Highfield Avenue into Community College Lot

Alcohol Violation

While on patrol, an officer observed a male with an open case of alcohol. The individual was identified and a judicial report was filed.


Oct. 26


12:02 a.m., Buckhorn Lodge

Intoxicated People

Officers observed two males urinating next to Buckhorn Lodge. Both were identified and found to be under the influence. One individual was transported to Windber Medical Center.


12:43 a.m., Willow Hall

Controlled Substances

While on routine patrol, an officer observed two individuals passing a marijuana pipe. They fled as the officer was approaching them.


2:02 a.m., Sunset Lodge

Alcohol Violation

There was a report of an intoxicated female vomiting outside Sunset Lodge. The individual was identified and transported to the campus police office. A judicial report was filed.


8:57 p.m., Kunk’s Drive 

Traffic Stop

An officer observed a person in a vehicle who failed to stop for a stop sign. A citation was issued.


Oct. 27


12:01 a.m., University Square

Alcohol Violation

There was a report of an alcohol violation. A group was located, individuals were identified and judicial reports were filed.


1:17 a.m., Upper Townhouse Parking Lot

Intoxicated Person

An officer observed an individual with an open alcohol container. The individual was identified and a citation was issued.


Oct. 29


4:30 p.m., UpperTownhouse Parking Lot

Criminal Mischief

There was a report of damage done to a parked vehicle. An offense report was filed.