Blotter: Feb. 14 – Feb. 18

Feb. 14

12:49 p.m., Biddle Hall

Hit and Run

An individual reported that a vehicle was hit while parked on campus. A report was filed by the police. 

11:09 p.m., Hickory Hall

Drug Violation

Police received a report of a strong marijuana odor. Police officers located the source and citations were given to Michael Vaughn and Blaise Warner.


Feb. 15

2:10 p.m., Upper Townhouse Parking Lot

Criminal Mischief

An individual reported that a person attempted to enter her vehicle to take its stereo. An offense report was filed. 


Feb. 16

1:38 p.m., Student Union

Criminal Mischief 

 A police officer observed four broken napkin dispensers and a bulletin board broken while locking the Student Union. 

1:50 p.m., Buckhorn Lodge

Alcohol Violation

A person was identified and released to his friend for the night. An underage citation was given to Alexander Reber.


Feb. 17

7:10 a.m., Wilderness Townhouse

Check on Welfare

A mother requested campus police to check on her daughter’s welfare. The daughter was located and officers advised her to call home. 

5:45 p.m., Student Union

Lost and Found

A prescription bottle that contained a small bud and stem of marijuana was found in the game room.

8:49 p.m., Hickory Hall

Odor Investigation 

Police received report of a marijuana odor.

10:24 p.m., Larkspur Lodge


Police received a report of a backpack stolen at a party. 


Feb. 18

6:40 p.m., Lower Townhouse Parking Lot

Request for Officer

Police received a report of an illegally parked vehicle. The owner was notified and given a ticket.