Blotter: October 27 – November 1

Oct. 27

12:03 a.m., Living/Learning Center

Alcohol Violation

Police received a report of an alcohol violation. An underage citation was given to students Corrine Bozich and Rachel Rajter.


3 a.m., Living/Learning Center 

Criminal Trespass 

Officers observed a man walking through a construction site. The man fled upon seeing officers.


Oct. 28

10:10 p.m., Upper Townhouse Parking Lot

Vehicle Assist

A person was reported to be locked out of his vehicle.


Oct. 29

9:12 p.m., Sunset Lodge

Illegal Drugs

Police received a report of a marijuana odor. Officers found only alcohol and a group of people in the lobby. Judicial charges were filed.


Oct. 30

8 p.m., Laurel Hall


Officers conducted a drug and alcohol program with Laurel Hall residents.


Oct. 31 

1:10 p.m., Summit Townhouse

Fire Alarm

A fire alarm was activated by burning food.


12:03 p.m., Blackington Hall

Ill Person

An ill person was transported to Conemaugh Medical Center emergency room.


2 p.m., Krebs Hall

9-11 Hang-up Call

Police received a report of a 911 hang-up call at Krebs Hall. Police checked the area with no results.


9:15 p.m., Laurel Hall

Fire Alarm

A fire alarm was activated by burning food.


Nov. 1

8:36 p.m., Highland Avenue 

Request for Officer

Police received a report of a vehicle parked too far into a traffic lane. The owner directed to move the vehicle.

9 p.m., Student Union Drive

Traffic Stop

Officers observed a vehicle with malfunctioning rear lights. Officers advised the owner to park the vehicle and not to drive at night until the lights are fixed.