Blotter: September 20 – September 27

Sept. 20

12:40 p.m., Blackington Hall

Fire Alarm

Police received report of a fire alarm, set off by a leaking pipe. Police shut off the alarm and it was reset.


Sept. 21

9:30 p.m., Living Learning Center


Police received report of a stolen wallet.


Sept. 22

00:54 a.m., Larkspur Lodge

Fire Alarm

A fire alarm was activated in the Delta Chi fraternity house lobby. The fraternity brothers set their party down.


Sept. 22

9:23 p.m., Maple Hall

Ill Person

An ill individual was transported to Windber Hospital.


Sept. 24

12:55 pm., Campus-wide 


Police received reports of lost keys.


10:48 p.m., Living Learning Center


An individual report having receiving harassing phone calls on a cellphone. Officers advised the individual to call their service provider and block the caller’s number.


Sept. 26

12:55 a.m., Student Union


A faculty member turned in a small purse with change to officers.


1:40 p.m., Laurel Hall

Fire Alarm

Officers received ra fure akarn eport of a fire alarm. It was activated by burning food.


Sept. 27

8:31 a.m., Blackington Hall

Ill Person

Officers transported an ill student to the nurse’s offices.


11:23 a.m., Hickory Hall


Officer received report of clothes stolen from a dryer.


2:12 p.m., Engineering and Science Building 

Attempt to Locate

Officers received request to have a vehicle moved for a construction company. The owner was located and moved the vehicle.


3:28 p.m., College Park Apartments 

Odor Investigation 

Officers received report of an odor  smell of natural gas. Maintenance workers were contacted.