Transport should be option

We think that this year’s spring formal dance has too many restrictions.

It is required that students attending the formal this year ride a bus from campus to Ace’s, a lounge in the city’s West End, where the formal is to be held.

Students are not allowed to leave the venue until the event is over, and then they are required to ride a bus or shuttle back to campus. 

The main idea behind this is that students will not be able to drive intoxicated if they are required to ride the provided transportation. 

Although this may have a noble intention, we think that this can also cause a great inconvenience for those who plan to attend.

For one, this may cause an inconvenience for those who live close to Ace’s, only to be forced to drive to campus, be driven near their home and back again on the bus to campus, and then once again home. 

Furthermore, not being allowed to leave the venue at all may be awkward for couples who may wish to have an intimate moment away from everyone else, which usually could be created by stepping outside. 

In principle, those who are in attendance are college students. If they are capable of making the decision to invest money and time into college to begin with, then surely they should be trusted to handle the decision-making regarding drinking and driving. 

Being compelled to ride a bus to attend a formal is something that isn’t at high-school dances. 

If high-school students can be trusted to arrange their own transportation, then surely a stiffer standard should not be applied to college students, who are expected to handle more responsibility. 

Therefore, although  the option of transportation to the dance and back is not a bad idea, it should be the students, not administrators, who decide whether they will utilize it.