Sense absent in restrictions

We think that the meal swipe program for the Pitt Stop should be less restrictive — that the one-meal-swipe-per-meal period rule should be lifted. 

Sodexo executives’ reasoning for the rule just doesn’t seem to make sense. 

It shouldn’t be a big deal if someone pays for a meal, and gives it to someone else to eat, because, either way, the meal has been paid for and Sodexo doesn’t lose money.

With how busy everyone’s schedules can be, some may not be able to eat in the Dining Hall during the hours when its open, and that adds the importance to alternatives .

Although Dining Dollars or meal exchanges can be seen as a work-around for this, as some students have said, they frequently run out before the semester’s end. 

This means that when students running out of Dining Dollars, they will need another way to eat, which is why it is so important that they can exchange their meals for either Dining Dollars or Pitt Stop food. 

In addition, with the opening of the Pitt Stop, Sodexo executives removed the option to convert meal swipes to Dining Dollars, therefore limiting students once their dining dollars run out to just using converted meals at the Pitt Stop.

This means that if a student were to run out of meal swipes and dining dollars, then theoretically there would be no way for any other students to intervene and use some of their own meal plan to help them out. 

At that point, a student may as well just use their own money on just buying some food at a local grocery store, and sharing it with whomever they please. 

We think that although most people are fed well while they are on campus, there are still some that aren’t due to the loopholes in the system that Sodexo executives have put in. 

Therefore, this is why there is still a need to change some of the policies in Sodexo’s meal exchanges.