Be ready, confusion coming


Callie Burgan, Opinions Editor

We think the process of choosing names for things on campus could be improved.

We commend Pitt-Johnstown members for being open to student input in matters, like allowing students to take a vote for the new café name.

However, The Pitt Stop could be misleading because there is already a Pitt Stop program implemented on campus through student government coordination for off-campus eatery discounts.

The decision to name the café The Pitt Stop could lead to confusion between the two, and not does not make sense to have two almost identical titles, especially when they both relate to eateries.

The Mountain Cat Maniacs, the student fan section at sporting events, being renamed to the Pitt Pride is also a puzzling decision.

New is not always better, and the decision to come up with different titles for the same thing can lead to confusion.

The Mountain Cat is the Pitt-Johnstown mascot. Pitt Pride could apply to any of the campuses in the Pitt System, and could most likely be associated with the Pitt-Oakland campus.

It seems that new things and ideas on campus are being given a high priority just because of their freshness, which should not always be the case.

If people are constantly spending time pursuing “new” things, what becomes of the old ones?

This isn’t saying that anything fresh and new isn’t good by any means because anything that is old now was once new to us.

The focus on “new” can extend to many aspects of peoples’ lives, from the constant need to upgrade devices, the search for unique experiences, the urge to make over our homes and our looks and our life.

It can be difficult to resist newness when everyone makes such a big deal of it.

However, by pausing to consider the traditions of the past, we look beyond our own “world” to the world of others, to that which we came from, reminding us of our connection to something larger than ourselves.