New mail system is puzzling

Callie Burgan

We think the new campus mailing system has room for improvement. 

It is puzzling why all campus residents got new mailbox numbers.

The situation, paired with insufficient communication, led to confusion and lost packages. 

It is clear that many students did not receive an email update regarding the change. There were multiple instances of packages being sent back or held up in the mailroom.

The increased use of electronic technology has not yet replaced the importance of all postal services and mailing systems.

Students may depend on mail room efficiency to send out important documents such as paycheck stubs and bill payments.

Although companies may offer electronic services, students still should be able to trust traditional mailing methods without worrying that their mail will get lost in transit.

An efficient post office needs to ensure the highest deliverability rate possible and that all package owners are reached.

In industries such as finance or health care, your communications cannot end up in the wrong location or fail to be delivered to intended recipients. 

This can lead to logistical issues, customer service problems and legal or financial repercussions in some cases.

We think the campus mail room should be held to the same standard as any other post office.

It is crucial that the new mailing system provides service with convenience, reliability and dependability.

A trusted mailing system is a necessary campus asset.

Students should be able to put their faith in the new system.

We commend staff members for putting effort toward mail room updates, but a better structured and more organized system would be appreciated.

We hope to be notified of future updates in a timely manner.