Penalty might be too harsh

Callie Burgan

We think student government members could arrange a more organized budgeting process for club members. 

Ski and Board Club members were not granted any of the $4,144 that they requested due to a missing presidential signature on the budget form. 

As a result, they will not be able to go through an emergency allocation process to remedy the situation next year.

We believe that another chance to request necessary funds needed should be given.

Without the chance, our community will have fewer opportunities to gather and get to know each other better.

These gatherings, organized thanks to some who give their time, enhance and may define our community.

Receiving no money toward a club greatly affects members because they are unable to fund their events and activities. 

While there is a reasonable six-week time frame to complete the necessary budget paperwork, club members should not be punished in such a severe manner for a paperwork oversight. 

It seems like the budgeting process has become too severe and officious.

College students have responsibilities to focus on besides extracurricular activities.

There should be a chance to resubmit a club budget, even if the process includes some sort of penalty fee. 

That way, at least club members won’t be forced to give up all activities if a mistake is made. 

This course of action would ensure a fairer and less intimidating budgeting experience. 

Second chances are an opportunity to learn from shortcomings in order to fix a situation. 

Not being granted one makes the budgeting process more difficult than it needs to be.

Students who may be new in leadership positions and may need time to get used to the budgeting process, and they should not be penalized so heavily when they are still learning how it works.

If budgets must be due earlier to accommodate second chances, so be it.

It seems overbearing to ignore entire clubs’ fiscal needs when their interests may not be satisfied. 

Not only do these organization members invest time and effort to improve our community, they pay the student activity fee, too, which provides the funds that are being withheld from them.