Closure offers opportunities

Callie Burgan

The Brioche Dorée café should be replaced with a restaurant that serves similar food, such as Panera Bread.

This is an opportunity for campus to have a popular restaurant that satisfies the desire for fast and casual bakery foods.

We realize that there is already a Panera Bread within a mile of campus.

However, the same logic applies to Starbucks and The Daily Grind Café, which serves Starbucks in Blackington Hall and is typically bustling with customers. 

The Tuck Shop also houses a Subway, despite there being a Subway at the Richland Town Centre.

The campus customer base is different from a Richland Township base.

It could be an asset to students who doesn’t have a vehicle because they could still enjoy Panera-style food without having to catch a ride or make the long trek.

We also think that the restaurant that is to replace the Brioche should offer a late-night option.

The Mt. Cat Club offered this kind of service in the past, but it closed after less than a semester into its reopening.

Student government’s Student Involvement Committee Chairwoman Tessa Fry pointed out at a debate that a late-night option would help prevent intoxicated people from driving under the influence on weekends.

Pitt-Johnstown administrators have been stepping up their game with campus renovations and added amenities designed to attract the best and brightest each fall.

 Dining options should be no exception.

Students expect not only convenience, but also variety and quality of campus food.

In the competitive marketplace of higher education, dining facilities are a significant component in recruiting new students and in retaining existing students.

Bringing in a popular restaraunt or food option to replace the Brioche Dorée would showcase that Pitt-Johnstown administrators care about the feedback of students enough to make desired changes.

It would be appreciated if administrators were willing to put in the effort to satisfy the desires of people who will be eating on campus now and in the future.

Campus dining spaces should make students feel at home, even in instances where they may be away from their homes while attending school in Johnstown.

By serving a variety of food and in different atmospheres at different times, the dining experience can provide comfort for Pitt-Johnstown’s diverse student population.