Grant match is tool to help

Callie Burgan

Federal Pell Grant recipients across five Pitt campuses may be eligible for the Pitt Success Pell Match Program.

The program was launched Feb. 22, and it is to begin next fall.

We think that this is an opportunity for the Pitt-Johnstown community to welcome students who would increase our diversity in social-economic backgrounds.

It could be a tool used to attract more students to campus. 

A college degree could be one of the most important and life-changing investments that an individual and his or her family can make.  

Students should not miss out on this experience due to financial circumstances that are, in many instances, largely out of their control.  

In some cases, financial aid can be the tipping point for whether someone can go to college. 

The moment your school notifies you of the scholarships and grants that will be applied to your account, you realize that the future you wanted and the education you need is within your grasp.

Although financial need and academic merit may not correlate, we think this is a step in the right direction toward adding financial incentive to attend Pitt-Johnstown rather than another campus. 

Pitt-Johnstown President Jem Spectar has said that our institution does not offer additional scholarships for those with financial need. 

Our toolbox is mostly limited to scholarships based on merit or achievement.

 The Pitt Success Pell Match Program gives the Pitt-Johnstown community the chance to help students who would not be receiving such scholarships.

In addition, it may serve as an academic booster to current students who may no longer have to worry about whether they can afford to continue their educations. 

The only way to guarantee a brighter future for students is to invest in them and to guarantee that there is a way for any individual to get an education, regardless of financial status.

No matter how much federal and university aid has helped some students, there is always a huge need for improvements.

The Pitt Success Pell Match Program establishment is a positive effort toward this because additional funds are allocated to the neediest students.