Snow issues need examined

Callie Burgan

We think there needs to be an investigation into snow and ice removal from campus.

Pitt-Johnstown President Jem Spectar has made changes. However, we have still have had two closures, a delayed start and a number of injured students this winter. 

The student government should hold hearings and invite responsible campus figures to answer student questions examining equipment and worker needs as well as closing and delay procedures.

Student body voices need to be heard when it comes to these concerns. What is currently being done is clearly inadequate.

More questions need to be asked, especially involving such a critical safety issue.

The fact that snow and ice removal is still a problem is alarming, especially because it is affecting everyone on campus.

The ability to walk to classes should be an obvious priority, and yet it seems to be constantly brushed aside.

More buildings have been added to campus, but there already are not enough maintenance workers to keep up with the existing buildings.

We realize that severe weather conditions are bound to occur in south-central Pennsylvania, but that is exactly why proper snow and ice removal is an urgency.

If Spectar wants Pitt-Johnstown to be a more diverse campus that invites students from a variety of demographics, he could accomplish this by showing students that he cares for their safety.

The poor manner in which severe weather-related situations have been handled causes us to wonder what it’s going to take for action to be taken in the future—action that can assure an adequate measure of safety.

We believe that allowing the student body to be heard regarding these issues could emphasize the importance of proper snow and ice maintenance.

By fixing the issue, the campus could become a safer place for both students and faculty.

Without the frustration and worry regarding whether the campus will be safe to walk across, a greater focus can be set on more important matters such as academics.

Whether the reason for the inadequacy involving snow and ice removal is the clear lack of people power or something else, it needs to be specified and fixed.