Cafe should be used all day


Kyle Sarver

A Pitt-Johnstown dining spot now will be open for both lunch and dinner.

The Living/Learning Center’s Varsity Café, which was open only for lunch this year, was to be closed for lunch and breakfast and open only for dinner sometime before Thanksgiving.

However, an email sent to students last Wednesday announced that the café now is to open for both lunch and dinner.

It is a good decision for the café to be open for both lunch and dinner.  It is convenient for those who live in the Living/Learning Center or have classes in nearby buildings.

The email says that, starting Oct. 29, the new hours will be Monday through Thursday, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for lunch and 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. for dinner.

There were several complaints from students when the Café was limited to one meal a day.  Why was it only open for one meal in the first place?  

Not every student who lives on campus goes home for the weekends.  Why is it not open Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

The Varsity Café was once open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but is it an operating or staffing cost that caused the original decision to open it for only one meal a day?

Student Government President Sam Miller said that he received a lot of complaints from students that the Varsity Café was open only for lunch, and that he was surprised that dinner was preferred.

We are glad administrators are utilizing campus services more, and providing the Pitt-Johnstown community with more meal options by extending the Varsity Café’s hours to both lunch and dinner.

Let’s go for breakfast now. 

It is heartening to see community members voicing their opinions and administrators are hearing them. 

It doesn’t make sense to see these easily useable spaces and equipment go unused. 

The Mt. Cat Club is probably the most noticeable. 

Last year, we went through a now-open, now-closed go around with the club.