Let’s encourage first-evers

Sometimes, those we pay the least attention to have the most potential.

Two female athletes are close to making it into the 2018 NCAA Division 2 track and field national meet.

Distance runner Tori Fulkroad is close to hitting a national mark, and long-jumper Kia Clayton has already hit a provisional national mark.

Whenever we hear about sports at Pitt-Johnstown, it seems to be always about the basketball team, the wrestling team or the volleyball team. We rarely hear about the track and field team.

But from such a lowly position—under-resourced with poor indoor practice sites—comes two athletes on the cusp of providing Pitt-Johnstown with a national presence.

Fulkroad and Clayton are on the verge of making Pitt-Johnstown shine like it has never shone before. They have earned our attention.

Life doesn’t always give you what you want, but the key is to utilize what you have and shoot for the best outcome, which means working harder than others.

Both Fulkroad and Clayton are able to overcome their disadvantages into working hard instead of complaining.

Being on the verge of making it into the national meet deserves even more attention than they have gotten.

We’d like to see them make the cut to make themselves and Pitt-Johnstown proud.

They are close to becoming first-evers, the first-ever Pitt-Johnstown track and field competitors to make it to the national meet.

Recognizing their achievements will not only boost their confidence, but also inspire other students.

When life gives you lemons, make them into lemonade.

And clearly, Fulkroad and Clayton are about to turn their lemons into the best cup of lemonade that Pitt-Johnstown track and field team has ever had.