Real service needs updates

When the campus turns snowy and Christmas decorations fade away, it is time for students to return for the new semester.

But, unfortunately for Pitt-Johnstown students, they had to go back off-campus if they had an empty stomach at midnight during the first weekend of school.

The Mt. Cat Club, which was reopened last November, did not open during the first week of classes, and there was no notice posted either on the door or online regarding when it would open this semester.

Students walking across campus to the Mt. Cat Club to fill empty stomachs found only locked doors and a darkened club.

Sodexo employees have failed to inform students about the operating hours of the Mt. Cat Club for this semester, and this is not the first time that a failure to communicate with students has occurred on campus.

The Wellness Center changes its operating hours when there is a holiday, closing some days, open others. But who knows? You have to ask. No signs are posted.

We think that those in charge ought to find a better way to communicate with students–their patrons, instead of having them travel through the snow only to be let down.

Anyone in the business knows that an essential ingredient to stay in business is to be reliable with regularly maintained hours of operation.

We think that posting operating hours online every day, like how Owen Library does, is a good way to let students know whether there are any changes, without having to shiver in the cold.

We believe that it is important to have a proper way of communicating because failing to inform students not only lowers the credibility of the managers, but also increases the risk of accidents happening in snowy weather when roads are slippery and sidewalks are slick.

Besides, if the motivation is to serve, the need to let patrons know operating hours should need no explaining.