Time will reveal gen-ed result

A change in general-education requirements would mostly benefit freshmen, who will have more flexibility in their schedules and could overlap their general-education requirements with a minor or related subject area.

However, it does not benefit upperclassmen as much.

Even though some of the old sheets are posted in the Academic Source Book, we think the general-education course sheets are updated too often.

The newest version does not help students as much as planned—it makes them less driven toward a high-quality and diverse education.

We feel the Worlds of Knowledge’s purpose is to expose students to different courses that they would otherwise steer away from.

Now students can choose for themselves, without much guidance that they may need at this point in their lives, to take courses that can make their college experience easier and less diverse.

There ought to be a balance between students deciding for themselves and faculty guiding them so that students are more well-rounded.

The most recent change provides flexibility and puts the power in students’ hands.

We believe by approving this change, the General Education Advisory Committee members seem as if they do not wish to help guide students toward subjects best for them.

But as long as students pay their tuition fees, they can decide for themselves what courses to take.

We also do not like how the committee members hold private meetings, as if the reason for the change is some big secret that committee members do not want others to know about or participate in.

A change that affects all students should be a community wide discussion, and everybody should have the ability to participate.

Time will show the results of the latest change. The danger lies in students who develop an unhealthy narrow-mindedness.

But maybe 18-to-21-year-olds know what is best for them.