No election is representative?

How are senators supposed to represent students if they were not elected to their senatorial position by those students?

We understand there were not enough candidates who turned in  petitions to run for senate, but that’s not a reason to avoid an election.

Student senator candidates were guaranteed senate positions because of this shortage, which president Joe Evanko said was at least partially a result of poor advertising for these positions by student government.

We believe an election was necessary for our senators to receive their positions, and since they were not elected, they gain no real influence from the student body.

These senators are only filling a position in student government and are not earning their responsibility.

Government officials are elected to their position whether they have competition or not. How are we preparing our senators for the real world if we do not hold ourselves to the same standard?

Since the student government president had to win an election, senators should have to be elected as well.

Had an election been held, we could have used the number of votes each candidate received and compared it with those of other candidates to determine whom our student body has the most faith in.

While we are pleased to know the student government president is aware of this issue, we feel the time to have done something about it has passed.

Had an email been sent to all students before petitions were due to run for senate, more students might have been encouraged to have done so.