Temporary fixes are insufficient

When something isn’t maintained properly, it breaks down. Unfortunately, that is happening to both roads and student computers on campus.

The roads on campus were so littered with potholes, especially on Kunk’s Drive, that Campus police reported them as hazardous. 

Physical plant employees reportedly repaired those potholes, yet there are just as many hazardous potholes in the lots near the Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center and the Wellness Center.

The login time for campus computers is time-consuming, but $20,000 is to be spent to upgrade podium computers to resolve the issue for faculty.

Several options are still being considered to upgrade student computers and decrease their login time.

While it is encouraging that these issues are being addressed, permanent solutions are needed rather than temporary improvements.

There are not that many roads on campus. Physical Plant workers should find it easier to be proactive and fix many potholes, especially when campus police have told workers that they are an issue.

It does not portray a positive image of campus if the first thing a student or visitor experiences when they reach campus is driving around potholes.

On a different note, ideally, students need to have confidence that the computers they use will serve them well. This is not the case, however, especially with library computers.

It is a stressor to students when they desire to log on to a computer to print a paper before class, only to have the computer function too slowly and waste time.

We consider potholes and computer login times as fundamental to this campus’ smooth operation. They are, however, being only temporarily repaired.

These issues may not be as visible, but they are vital. The priorities of those who address these problems need to be altered so that Pitt-Johnstown can display a respectful image to students, faculty and visitors.

While we appreciate the partial fixes, complete repairs are critical, which also may be less expensive in the long run.