We like new, but prepared new

Pitt-Johnstown students have recently been introduced to a renovated residence building, College Park Apartments, and a new academic program, the multimedia and digital culture major.

The College Park Apartments house 81 students, yet these students are not receiving the same amenities that other campus residents have.

Housing Director Sherri Rae said electronic locks are to be installed, and Atlantic Broadband is working on getting cable TV installed in the near future.

Additionally, the building’s roof still needs its cosmetic edging completed.

Fifty-nine more spots are open for students who wish to move in.

If the Housing Office administrators want students to willingly move into this building, they need to be sure that the construction of the facility is thoroughly executed.

In the academic department, Pitt-Johnstown’s website advertises the new multimedia and digital culture major as engaging the students in the latest human-computer interactions.

However, some professors have expressed a desire for technological upgrades and appropriate lab space to support class demand.

There is still a need for desktop programs such as DisplayNote, according to business professor Travis Stouffer.

Although it seems that the level of technology at Pitt-Johnstown is sufficient, it is not the latest.

Introducing new elements on campus is a positive step for the university. However, when these elements are introduced before they are ready, it could make us look less than adequate in our preparation.

An incomplete launch inadequately serves students. It does not enrich the educational experience students receive from Pitt-Johnstown; rather, it detracts.

We like the progressive approach to new ventures pursued by Pitt-Johnstown. However, these ventures need to be balanced with an ability to deliver what is promised, including a more consistent pattern of addressing any needs that may arise.

In order for Pitt-Johnstown to truly improve, administrators need to simultaneously maintain a high level of planning, anticipation and oversight.