Let’s kiss segregation goodbye

Let’s kiss segregation goodbye

Victoria Kelly

Despite being part of our community, Sodexo employees are restricted to segregated and unsatisfactory areas to eat and rest during work breaks.

They are prohibited from entering residence halls as well.

Smoking areas for employees consist of a small bench – or nothing at all– with little or no protection from rain or snow. Other employee resting areas are hidden behind dumpsters.

According to Sodexo General Manager, Kevin Dicey, employees are not allowed to eat or rest in Student Union areas other than the Mt. Cat Club when it is closed.

These restrictions are unjust.

The employees are being discriminated against. Secluding employees from student areas is putting students and others on a pedestal.

We are equal. Employees should not be treated differently.

Dicey said that the reason for employee seclusion is that students complained about the employees’ presence in surveys.

Furthermore, it is wrong to have students surveyed on their happiness with Sodexo employees without having a survey for the employees to fill out as well.

We would like to remind Sodexo hierarchy that they wouldn’t be running without their employees –their opinions matter, too.

Employees have 30-minute lunch breaks and two 15-minute breaks during workdays. If this is the only time they are allotted, they should be allowed to rest in decent areas, and not uncovered places or behind smelly dumpsters.

Employees should not have restrictions on off hours. If they are invited to a residence hall after hours,  especially by a student that may be a family member, they should be free to do so.

To better our community, we’d like to see employees treated equally by allowing them in student areas and giving them better resting spots like they deserve.