Programs abroad are flourishing

In the past two semesters, Pitt-Johnstown professors have put a lot of effort into creating exciting new study abroad opportunities. In the fall, professors Tuangtip Klinbubpa-Neff and Kristen Majocha created the Thailand program and, more recently, professor Ola Johansson created the Amsterdam program. We’d like to extend our congratulations.

It is wonderful that professors are putting such energy into organizing international programs for students. Studying in foreign countries is an enriching experience for students of all majors. We thank professors for adding this work to their plates in the spirit of globalizing and diversifying their students’ educations.

There are many details that must go into organizing a program. Organizers must arrange housing, course material and classroom locations. They also need to set up insurance, field trips and transportation.

Pitt professors already offer a multitude of programs in many locations around the world. Most of these programs, however, are led by faculty from other campuses. Programs led by Pitt-Johnstown faculty allow Pitt-Johnstown students to have a familiar, trusted guide through navigating a foreign landscape.

In addition to having familiar guides, programs sponsored by Pitt-Johnstown have courses intended to fit within Pitt-Johnstown major requirements, as opposed to other Pitt campuses’ requirements.

As an added perk, these motivated professors are contributing to the entire Pitt study abroad system, which we believe reflects well on Pitt-Johnstown as a whole.

We’d like to applaud professors for their work and urge more professors to take on the challenge. Additionally, we encourage students to take advantage of these ambitious professors’ labors and study abroad.