Athletes should have more say

Athletes should have more say

Jessie Stinebiser

Former Pitt-Johnstown softball head coach Sabrina Lane resigned in the summer at the end of last season to attend to pressing personal responsibilities.

However, Lane continued acting as head coach for several fall scrimmages in September and October.

A search to replace Lane is under way, led by Assistant Athletic Director Katrin Wolfe.

Wolfe was also responsible for assembling a search committee of Athletic Department members.

According to Wolfe, the hiring process began last summer, but she offered no estimate as to when the next coach would be named.

The screening process, which started with 40 applicants, has since been narrowed to only a few candidates.

What appears to be unique about this hiring process is that softball team members interviewed a candidate the committee advanced.

We hope this is a start to Pitt-Johnstown university officials putting some decision-making power in students’ hands.

Pitt-Johnstown officials should consider this student-input approach in future hiring, especially if the position is one in which the person hired will be working closely with students.

It seems only fitting that team members would have a say in who will coach them.

Having students involved in future interviewing processes would also help university officials determine whether they are making the right hiring decision.

It’s a step in the right direction, and we understand university officials want to be thorough in finding a fit for this position; however, we hope they pick up the pace.

University officials have known since last summer that this position needed to be filled.

It has also been approximately two months since team members have practiced together as a group.

The longer it takes to find a coach, the more detrimental it is to the team.

Finding a coach would finally find the program some continuity.

We hope after this more extensive examination of potential coaches, a worthy candidate will be selected, and this process will have been worthwhile.