Crowns should be used all year

Crowns should be used all year

Jessie Stinebiser

The question of who will win the 2015 Homecoming Queen title has already been answered.

The real question is: how long until the Queen is forgotten?

Why even elect student representatives such as the Homecoming Queen and Mr. UPJ if they are not utilized enough to be remembered longer than their victory announcement?

Students who run for Homecoming Queen or Mr. UPJ are selected because of their involvement in campus organizations, personal talent and achievements.

The week leading up to the Homecoming Queen’s coronation certainly is a build-up to her crowning.

However, the spotlight fades quickly after the crowning.

These students have attained a title, and with that should follow an invitation to attend public Pitt-Johnstown events where President Jem Spectar, and sometimes selected Student Government Association members, among others, are present. We should use our queen more, and our Mr. UPJ, too, for that matter.

In the Pitt-Johnstown Magazine Winter 2014/2015 issue, one may recognize the face of President Jem Spectar on almost one third of the publication’s pages, and sometimes more than once on the same page.

Although President Spectar is frequently pictured with faculty, students and community members, we wonder why students are not showcased more prominently. And why not more, or even a little bit more, of the students selected as queen and Mr. UPJ?

Having these students appear publicly not only helps to represent Pitt-Johnstown students but also to market the university to potential students.

The winners of either Homecoming Queen or Mr. UPJ titles may differ significantly from previous years in terms of educational and extracurricular careers. This flux allows for an individualistic account, even if it is only an image, of what a student can accomplish at Pitt-Johnstown.

People in the Johnstown community should have more chances to get to know these students and be proud to live in an area that has a university capable of getting students involved in the community both on and off campus.