UPJ can be that kind of place

Pitt-Johnstown community members should be commended for spreading generosity across campus and throughout the Johnstown community.

After Delta Chi fraternity Vice President Chris Regula had been told by Sodexo employee Vannie Zalar about her loss of three  extended-family members, Regula and the brothers decided during a meeting to raise funds to help Zalar.

On Jan. 20, Regula said they had raised $500 within an hour of seeking donations on campus. The brothers contributed an additional $100.

Upon presenting Zalar with a $600 check, Regula said that the expression on her face almost brought him to tears because Zalar  was so thankful.

The support from Pitt-Johnstown community members extended to Zalar, after experiencing a tragedy, defines the kind of community we all want to live in.

When we have a loss, community members provide support and succor.

There has also been generosity extended to students. Student Affairs Vice President Shawn Brooks and Sodexo General Manager Victor Costlow gave money to help fund Student Government’s Winter Formal dance.

Brooks said the money he advanced for the dance was money that was supposed to come from the Student Government Association’s budget.

He said he prefers to see Student Government Association funds go toward funding other organizations, but also saw  value in having a formal event for Pitt-Johnstown students.

Student Government Association Formal committee chair Casey Ansboro said Costlow donated $500. Costlow said he wanted to help student senators, as he helps support at least one student organization,  Habitat for Humanity.

Brooks did not have to allocate funds for the dance and Costlow did not have to advance Sodexo funds.

On Feb. 4, volunteers from St. Vincent de Paul distributed food at Greater Area Johnstown Vocational-Technical School. A Pitt-Johnstown student took coffee purchased from the bookstore for the St. Vincent de Paul volunteer food distributors.

That was a good will show from volunteers in our own community to volunteers beyond us–charity for charity-givers.

We thank everyone who has shown support and donated money or resources to the campus and beyond. It sometimes is the kind of place we all want to live in.