Store handover gets questions

A new bookstore vendor seems to be a way for students and the university to get more value for their dollars and may save them money. However, the switch should be done with consideration for convenience and employees.

Students may be able to save money by not having to pay as much for textbooks as they have in previous semesters with the new expanded renting and electronic textbook options. This would mean easier and quicker access to textbooks, as opposed purchasing or renting less expensive textbooks online and having to pay for shipping costs and waiting for delivery.

In addition, not all students may have accounts with online textbook purchasing and rental sites, prohibiting them from saving money in this way. The availability of inexpensive textbooks on campus eliminates this disadvantage.

This convenience may take the place of another: the convenience store. It is unclear whether the current convenience store will be kept inside the bookstore, modified by a new vendor or gotten rid of altogether.

The lack of an on-campus convenience store poses potential difficulties to students, faculty and staff especially during the winter season.

The convenience store sells, among other items, over-the-counter medications, hygiene items and feminine products. Without a convenience store, students in need of a few basic items may have to go without them or drive to the nearest store for what they need.

Although not ordinarily that demanding, a short drive may pose a major risk in winter weather. It can also be difficult for find transportation to Walmart while working around schedules.

Five of the bookstore staff members have been working for the university for a combined 102 years, according to the University Times’s Dec. 4  issue.

It has yet to be determined what is to become of these employees or the positions they currently hold at the bookstore.

We hope their service and loyalty is taken into account, and they find employment on campus that can somehow make use of their experience.