Food delivery benefits many

As of Jan. 20, students on campus are able to order food to be delivered from the Mountain Cat Club, Pizza Hut and Subway.

The delivery service is available for students from 7 to 11 p.m. every day with the possibility of hours being extended if the service is successful.

The menu offers appetizers, salad and  sandwiches. Pizza and beverages also are offered.

All the items are no more than $7.89, with the exception of 16-inch pizzas that are $10.99, not including toppings.

The Student Government Association Foods Committee chair Megan Taylor and others presented the idea to Sodexo manager Victor Costlow.

Students should welcome the service with open arms since the winter weather has yet to reach its peak.

With that said, Sodexo employees might be facing adversity considering past results of providing this benefit.

There was a delivery service for students several years ago when there was a bottom-floor restaurant inside the Student Union.

The amenity was then put to a halt when students started eating inside the Student Union as a reason to get out of their dorms, said Sodexo manager Victor Costlow.

The Student Government should be praised for giving students another convenience in a matter of weeks.

Sodexo employees, most notably Victor Costlow, should also be commended for making the decision to add delivery to the various services Sodexo provides for students on campus.

Not only should Costlow be applauded for giving students another option to acquire food, but also for creating more jobs for students by leaving it to student Sodexo employees to transport the food.

Because full-time employees do not make the deliveries should keep the overall employee morale to where it was before the service by not adding to their workload, thus giving positive costumer service in return.