We want more events like this

Delta Epsilon Iota academic honor society and Golden Girls Pet Therapy sponsored a therapy dog event for students, teachers and faculty.

The event was held on Oct. 31.

That was the first time Pitt-Johnstown held an event with the dogs.

Hundreds of students, teachers and faculty lined up all the way to the doors in Biddle Hall to get an opportunity to interact with the dogs.

Pitt-Johnstown organization members have gotten creative with sponsored events and they are benefitting the campus community.

We would like to continue to see different events similar to this.

In addition, professors sometimes bring their dogs to classes.

It is a good way to step back from thoughts of school and get one’s mind off stressful homework or assignments.

At Pitt-Oakland, therapy dogs visit the Cathedral of Learning every Tuesday for a few hours.

We appreciate Pitt-Johnstown organization members bringing something new to campus.

Now, students and faculty can all enjoy a break.

The visiting dogs were all trained as therapy dogs.

Of the five, at least two of them were certified as therapy dogs.

The owners take their pets to hospitals, nursing homes and even support groups.

There have been instances where hospital patients’ heart rates have gone down and they became relaxed because of the dogs’ presence.

The presence of the dogs really made a difference.

Bringing the dogs to campus should become a regular event, even if it would be biweekly.

Holding the event brings relaxation not just to students, but the rest of the Pitt-Johnstown campus community.

On top of the relaxing element, it was an event that seemed to spark the interest of a handful of campus community members.

We would like to see more events planned for campus community members similar to this one.