Get moving on housing option

The College Park Apartments building was closed to students in fall semester last year. The building was an alternative to student housing on campus.

Renovations to the building are to take place in the next six years, said Housing Director Mark Dougherty.

There is not really a strong estimate as to whether or when the building will be reopened.

We should have a clearer answer as to what is going on with our university housing options.

Resources are being used to keep the building functioning at the lowest level.

University officials have decided to continue paying for heat, a security system and fire alarms.

Those resources could potentially go to projects that could be of better use such as functioning campus washers and dryers that don’t break every other week.

The College Park Apartments building would be an added housing option for students who still want to live close to, but not necessarily on, campus.

The only housing option similar to the College Park Apartments building would be the privately operated Campus Commons along Schoolhouse Road.

Pitt-Johnstown students like having options. Sometimes, instead of focusing on bringing more students to campus, maybe university officials should put more focus on keeping students here.

Pitt-Johnstown officials pride themselves on being part of the University of Pittsburgh family. At Pitt-Oakland, there are so many housing options for students ours pale in comparison.

Besides giving options to students now, if the numbers of the incoming freshmen class sizes continue to grow as they have this school year, 17 percent, then students are going to need more housing available regardless of the options.

We need to hear that something will be done with the College Park Apartments building, hopefully that could potentially benefit students within the next couple years compared with the next six or seven.