Students support a safe ride

Over the past week, the Woodside Bar and Grill started running the Woodside bus. The bus is to be run every Thursday and Friday night, shuttling students to and from campus and the Woodside Bar.

It is nice to have a way of transportation, now being provided by an outside source rather than the university, to help assure students are safe.

Having the Woodside bus gives students an alternative ride so they are not forced to drive intoxicated or are not forced to call a friend.

Some faculty members disagree with the Woodside bus and say it should be shut down.

Students who are 21 or older have every right to drink if they please. The campus is not a dry campus, which allows students to have the freedom of having alcohol with them.

The students want to have a responsible ride available to them for the nights they go out, but, university officials will not provide one apparently because they fear legal liability.

Even without a shuttle, students still go out. The best thing to do is have someone like Woodside Bar and Grill’s owner Rob Barmoy step up and get the students a ride.

Although university officials think it is a bad idea, students should be thrilled to at least have it available. It would be nice to have a bus go to more than just one bar, but, at least there is now an option present.

Students want a bus or shuttle. University officials should provide one for students’ safety.