Traditions define communities


Pitt-Johnstown, being a relatively small community, can offer many experiences most communities can share. Although sometimes there is not overwhelming enthusiasm for such experiences, they can be what holds us together.

The lack of interest in the Student Government Association for this coming year is disheartening. Everyone who ran got their position. There was no opposition and no need to conduct elections for the president, vice president and senators.

Being that Student Government is the only place that administrators can go to get organized student feedback, it is important that the student body be well represented.

It might be time to think about downsizing the organization or at least have a better advertising strategy for candidates.

With students placed in spots without some friendly competition, the student body might get stuck with representatives, rather than electing representatives they want.

The new student leaders also will enjoy no electory mandate from other students to be their Representatives.

Students electing their representatives after some attempt to discuss issues is a tradition we should not let go lightly.

As the year starts to wind down, there are more events to attend that have been a traditions at Pitt-Johnstown.

About two weeks ago, campus Greek organizations held annual Greek Week events. This tradition brings together students from Greek organizations who usually stick to their own fraternity or sorority.

Last week was our annual Mr. UPJ competition, which raised money for diabetes while entertaining those who attended.

It’s events like these that bring our community together, sharing experiences that help define our community.

This past year our hockey team along with wrestling and volleyball teams have been doing well, which has ignited some pride in students, staff and faculty.

That spirit is what makes these years at Pitt-Johnstown memorable. We can’t slack off now. We all need to keep planning and attending events for us to do together as a community.

The fun part of college is sharing experiences with your peers. In order to keep these experiences coming, we have to stay involved and keep our enthusiasm.