Potholes needed in right places

What Pitt- Johnstown needs most is more potholes. We have plenty, but we could use more in strategic locations. The administrative parking lot behind Blackington Hall, for example, could use some of these  suspension-breaking, massive potholes.

Then, maybe the pothole issue will finally get the attention many staff and students are asking for.

Members of the Advocate editorial board are in disagreement on this topic. Some said any fix now would be only temporary, and maintenance workers should wait until weather improves so any effort would have lasting results.

A board majority, however, said that even temporary fixes would be beneficial, stopping at least, some of the whiplash and damage that threatens those who use campus roadways and parking lots.

Also, those who favor even a temporary fix said roadways in surrounding communities do not have what one student called “ginormous” potholes.

The board minority, however, says we cannot expect Pitt- Johnstown maintenance to have the skill or resources comparable to municipal road crews.

The majority says students pay enough in tuition, housing, and parking fees to have roadways and parking lots that don’t have the hazardous potholes on display.

And that majority says that the reason there is no priority on a fix, even if temporary, is because those making the decisions aren’t suffering like the rest of us.

So bring on more– just put them in all the right places.

Or patch the embarrassing holes. If the temporary patches get ruined, re-patch them.

It’s too expensive for a driver’s car alignment to go out-of-whack because of driving through the minefield. It’s too expensive for a student to get hit by a car swerving around a pothole.

It’s too expensive for a car to hit another car swerving around these holes.

All it takes is the right set of circumstances and the University could become liable in a lawsuit.

The roads throughout campus are getting worse.

The potholes are getting harder to avoid and more dangerous.

The debate continues. Some think that it is better suited for the school to spend the money to fix the potholes now. In the long run, it will save people money.

What is the point of waiting for nice weather when, at that point, the majority of students will be gone for summer, and they and faculty won’t have to juke?