Joint effort helps communities

It doesn’t come as a surprise that you can achieve more when you have a little help from friends. Sometimes we forget that if we join forces with other organizations we can have a greater influence .

Pitt-Johnstown students have many organizations in which to take part. These organizations come in a wide variety and all do something different for the community.

This spring break Habitat for Humanity and Campus Ministries members are to do just that. The two organizations, comprised of 110 students, are coming together to help build houses for those less fortunate in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Both organizations were looking for more participation when the two found each other to collaborate for a common goal.

This is to be the first time in about 30 years that these two organizations are to work together for a common cause.

The two aren’t making the trip exclusive, so the more the merrier.

This provides more community service opportunities for each organization. It helps more people and allows for students to interact more with their peers.

Organizations don’t join together often, but, when they do things like building houses in Florida are possible.

We commend Habitat for Humanity and Campus Ministries members for working together to make a greater impact. They found an outlet through which both organizations can benefit.

It goes to show that collaboration can lead to a synergy that accomplishes more.