UPJ equaling the playing field

For some time, the words Pitt-Johnstown and wrestling seemed invariably connected, as wrestling had always been perhaps our most elite and prestigious sport in the competitive athletic scene.

But, with the recent remarkable performances from other sports team, we soon expect Pitt-Johnstown to be linked with other sports based on their merits.

When it was announced last year that Pitt-Johnstown would be joining the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference, some anticipated definite underperformance for all of our sports teams as we would be facing bigger schools, which certainly have better-funded athletic programs.

One team — women’s volleyball — has been performing well, perhaps exceeding even their own expectations, and showing us that we can compete with atheltes in the new conference.

The team has been on a hot streak, with an overall record of 22-9, a leading 71 percent winning rate, and a 14-6 record within the conference, which is also in the 70 percent range.

The men’s basketball team and the wrestlers have commenced their seasons with victories as they perepare for conference competition.

We wish the teams well in their first season in a new conference that generally is viewed as more than athletically powerful teams the conference we came from.

Our athletes in many instances establish a reputation for our campus and for us at other campuses. We feel confident that they will represent us postively, win or lose, and always be competitive.